Wine tasting in Niagara


Last month I was lucky enough to enjoy a pretty awesome holiday to Canada to visit a friend from London who moved out there 6 months ago.  Amongst many other exciting escapades, a vineyard tour and wine tasting day was on the agenda.  I was super excited about this however unsure as to how it would go down with the old diabetes!

We started the day in Niagara on the Lake having spent the night in a rather creepy cottage following the Niagara Falls Fireworks the night before and went to the main high street to find coffee and breakfast.  I am a bit naughty for not usually having breakfast and I did consider maybe having something in order to line my stomach before all the wine but then thought against it as I know how my body reacts to my usual food habits and didn’t want to add another unknown element in to the day.  I therefore had my usual black americano coffee and off we trotted to our first vineyard.

Pre the first vineyard I did a quick test and was pleased to see that I was sitting steady at 6.1.  We tasted reds, whites and some ice wines, I only had teeny sips of the ice wines as these were super sweet.

I then tested on the way to vineyard 2 and it was a little lower at 4.9 which I guess was to be expected as alcohol always makes me dip a little bit.  I was happy with this though and in we went for some more tasting.  Again, I tasted sparkling, red and white but stayed away from the sweet wines.  By this point we were feeling quite merry and when I tested back in the car I had levelled out at 5.3.

So far so good, I was feeling rather proud of myself!  We then decided it might be time to have a little bit of lunch before moving on to the next vineyard.  We went to a cute little cafe and I had a smoked salmon and prawn salad.  No carbs and although I would usually do a unit or two for the protein in this meal, I decided not to on this occasion and just to keep an eye as I was aware that the alcohol may make my levels dip a bit.

On to vineyard number 3, I don’t know if the wines were genuinely getting nicer or if I was just getting less critical but this is where we found the merlot of dreams, like velvet pouring down your throat!  Post vineyard test…4.7

Our final vineyard was probably my fave in terms of name and setting.  It was called Angels Gate and had the most spectacular views!  I was nearing my booze capacity at this point therefore I had small sips here and was definitely looking forward to a little nap in the car on the way back up to Toronto!

I ended the day at a perfect level of 5.0 feeling very smug and proud of myself.  I would say that the libre was so useful on a day like this as I definitely wouldn’t have been bothered to prick my finger that much whilst in the middle of such a fun day!

Anyone else had any wine tasting experiences and managed the old diabetes any differently?


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