The Great Diabetes Sister Experiment

As I have mentioned before, I have two sisters, one of whom is diabetic.  My non-diabetic sister has always been super supportive and involved with our management of this lovely disease however, I was pleasantly surprised when she agreed to spend a day with me and test her blood sugar at the same time that I did.  We were lucky enough to spend a night at a rather plush 5 star hotel a few nights ago and we chose the following day to conduct the experiment.  I have detailed our 24 hours below…

21:30 – We had just got back to the room after a lovely dinner (asparagus salad and halibut for me and pea soup and steak for sis) and I persuaded her to do a ‘test’ so that she was ready for pricking first thing in the morning.  I was pleased to see a nice straight line and to find that our levels were v similar, whoop!


08:00 – First test of the day.  I had woken up at 3am feeling low and my sugar was 3.6.  For some reason I had decided to ignore this which I was to later on regret.  On waking at 8am I was pretty upset to find that I was no longer competing with my non diabetic sister……

The above was super annoying as I was planning on indulging at the awesome breakfast buffet therefor I dragged sis out for a pre brekkie amble around the grounds, the weather was gorgeous so it was a lovely way to start the day.


By the time we sat down for breakfast, I was back down to 8.2 and she was sitting tight at 5.1.  We both had fruit and yoghurt to start followed by some continental items and then some lovely fluffy pancakes.  I injected 10 units for this mammoth munch whilst sis just sat there shovelling it all in and not thinking twice about it!

13:10 – We spent the morning at the spa, swimming some lengths and doing a bit of cheeky sunbathing before showering and getting ready for the train ride back to London.  Although we weren’t planning on having any lunch as we were still stuffed from breakfast, we did a quick test and I was up at 9.4 whilst sis was at a nice little 4.7.

The afternoon consisted of travelling back in to London, re packing my suitcase for another cheeky holiday and preparing some food to take to our friend’s house for dinner. I fancy myself as the next bake off contestant (NOT) so whipped up a quick tomato tart, not a soggy bottom in site whoop!!


19:30 – Pre dinner levels.  5.1 for sis and 7.3 for me, I still felt like I was harbouring the last of my breakfast carbs so did a 2 unit correction on top of the 4 units I was doing for dinner anyway.

22:40 – Bed time and the final test of the day.  4.6 for sis and 5.9 for me – how fitting that we should go back to comparable numbers after a whole 24 hours.

I quite like that we ended up on similar levels at the end of the day. I don’t think I was expecting to discover anything breathtaking by doing this experiment.  I know that my sister has a fully functioning pancreas and therefore she was always going to have stable levels throughout the day nomatter what she ate.  I think it just once again reminded me that as a T1D, we do have to think about things a LOT more than the average Joe and despite the fact that we started and finished on similar levels, throughout the 24 hours, I had a few ups and downs and had to work out doses of insulin etc as well as deciding what to eat.  Sis, however, just went on her merry way eating whatever and whenever she wanted and her lovely little percy the pancreas got on with his job of regulating her blood sugar levels.

If only I was as clever as little percy, then I would have one straight line all day every day!  Cheers pancreas, you’ve really left me in the proverbial here!!





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