DAFNE – some final thoughts…

In brief, I would say that the DAFNE course was hugely beneficial to me on a few counts:

  1. I learnt a LOT– I know I said in my first post that I couldn’t quite see what was going to fill a whole week but WOW there was plenty and more to keep us talking and thinking.  I feel like I am a ‘born again diabetic’ (is that a thing?!) and wish I had known all of this info years ago!
  2. Motivation – As I am sure I have mentioned before, I have struggled in the past, and still do on occasion, with motivation in terms of diabetes and health.  The whole ‘diabetes is a full time job without a day off’ thing really gets to me sometimes and DAFNE gave me a massive dose of motivation and renewed positivity.
  3. Friends – Although I have a younger sister with T1D, I don’t think either of  us has ever had a great relationship with the disease and although we are best friends in many other ways, it’s just not something that we have ever bonded over. It was therefore lovely to meet some fellow T1D’s and spend prolongued time with them, there is nothing better than having somone to chat to who absolutely ‘gets it’ and knows what a horrid hypo feels like!

All in all, even if you think you know it all, if you get the opportunity to attend a DAFNE course, I would thoroughly recommend it!

Col5DZhW8AAa5AUFinal interesting fact – did you know that a grapefruit is carb free?!?!

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