Competitive diabetes-ing

I have two younger sisters and we are incredibly competitive in all areas of life.  Being the oldest, I would set the precedent for something and the other two would do all they could to beat me.  Whether it be academics, sport, height or even handwriting – we once made the poor milkman anonymously judge our handwriting to see who’s was the best!   When I was 11, my youngest sister started displaying the tell tale signs and was quickly diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, much.  At first I was convinced that I had given it to her and it was all my fault.  This thought was quickly quashed by mum and dad and once we had got used to two of us injecting and testing our blood sugar, the old competitive insticts set in and suddenly diabetes and control was a new competition!


Still to this day, the HBA1C result is compared (we are currently exactly the same!) along with how much insulin we need on a daily basis and each blood test before a meal.

It is hard to say whether this has been a hindrence or a help when it comes to our overall diabetes management, food for thought maybe…has anyone else got any thoughts?


One thought on “Competitive diabetes-ing

  1. Everyone’s approach to the disease is different. 🙂 It seems like the competition between you and your siblings has been a great motivator to stay on top of the condition and manage it well. Who knows how well you’d be doing without them? A relationship like that is admirable though, I’m happy to hear you’re doing so well!


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