My Freestyle Libre Adventure!

As many of you who follow me on Instagram know, I use the Freestyle Libre Flash Glucose Monitoring system and I LOVE it!

It was about a year ago when my Dad mentioned this new device to me that meant that through the use of a small sensor attached to your skin and a reader, I would be able to greatly reduce the number of times I needed to prick my finger on a daily basis.  I was of course sceptical at the start, firstly, Dad is guilty of embelishing things sometimes so I took what he said with a pinch (handful!) of salt. I also wasn’t keen on the idea of having something permanently attached to me.

In true Jenni style, it was of course something that I needed to make my own decision about (I am a bit stubborn like that, if it’s not my idea, I’m not interested!) so no more was said about it and I carried on pricking (or not – oops) my fingers and injecting accordingly.  It was only when I was accepted on to a DAFNE course and my pre course HBA1C was a bit on the high side (9.6) that I decided that this fancy bit of kit might actually be quite cool.


It was then of course the most URGENT thing in the world and I needed one NOW therefore I was beyond frustrated when I went on to the Abbott website to read that there was currently no availability of this now, highly desireable product.  My frustration only increased when my medical parents were unable to pull any strings in order to obtain one so I went about finding one another way…and so the adventure begins!

It was a Friday and I found a starter pack on good old Ebay which was located in Kent, just a short train ride from work.  I purchased it and rushed out of the door at 17:59 in order to go and pick up my new toy!  It was deepest darkest winter and whilst on the train I called Mum, when I told her what I was up to she had what can only be referred to as a small conniption about a scenario in which I was definitely about to be murdered and chopped up in to tiny pieces by a psycho mascarading as a type one diabetic!  Retrospectively, I can kind of see her point and maybe shouldn’t have mentioned this to her!

I got an Uber from the station and the pick up went without a hitch, no axe murderers in sight 😉  I was then super excied to get home and apply the first sensor whoop! I put it on my arm as recommended by Abbott and activated it before finding a multitude of household chores to to in order to pass the 60 minutes it takes for the sensor to start working….tick….tock….tick….tock!

An hour later and I scanned for the first time, 0.2 difference to my usual meter and I was SOLD – I think I scanned about 40 times just in that first evening.  I will talk more about the libre in many of my posts I am sure as it has seriously revolutionised my life but for now I will leave you chuckling away at the thought of a mad man selling a libre on Ebay with the intention to butcher anyone stupid enough to treck out to deepest Kent in the cold and rain on a Friday night…. 🙂

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