Let’s start at the very beginning…

…a very good place to start.

It’s 5th October 1991 and a normal hectic morning in the Shaw household (or so I am told, I was only 5!).We had just returned from a family holiday and Mum and Dad were somewhat exhausted and frustrated as I had been up ALL night EVERY night for the whole week guzzling water like it was liquid gold and subsequently spending rather a lot of time on the loo!  Being Dr’s, they were alert to the signs and had their suspicions therefore a quick urine sample was shoved in to mum’s GP briefcase and off she went to work.  It was afternoon by the time she got round to dipping that little stick into the sample and sadly, this small act confirmed her suspicions as an alarmingly high level of sugar was detected.  That was the day our lives would change forever.

I was very lucky as through their medical connections, they were able to contact the endocrinologist at Dad’s hospital and he very kindly offered a home visit that very evening.  My memory of this is somewhat sketchy however, I do remember him emptying a large box of needles, machines, record books and other related paraphenalia on to the coffee table in the ‘special’ lounge (usually reserved for adults only, the fact that I was allowed in here rang alarm bells straight away!)  A good couple of hours and few practise injections in to an orange later and we were good to go, no hospital admission, nothing too scary and an overwhelming relief at not feeling so horrendously thirsty anymore meant that diagnosis for me was fairly painless!

Fast forward 24 years and I have finally decided to grab Type 1 Diabetes by the scruff of it’s big, ugly neck and show it who’s boss!  This blog is really just for me to document day to day life with this nuisance of a disease and hopefully motivate me to keep on top of it – something we all know can be a challenge!  I would love it if anything I say or do can help others with their Diabetes management and ultimately hope that as a community, we can kick Diabetes’ ass!

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