All or nothing

I am a very ‘all or nothing’ type person.  When I have my mind focussed on something, I want to do it perfectly and if there is a bump in the road my first instinct is to say ‘screw this then’, and go completely the other way!  Now, as you will all know very well, diabetes is not an exact science by any stretch of the imagination and this therefore means plenty of unexpected bumps (read MOUNTAINS) in the road are thrown at us, quite like the image above.  A normal day, low carb dinner the night before, usual activity levels, seriously, nothing out of the ordinary and BOOM, wake up with a rapidly climbing blood sugar of 16.2….BUT WHYYYYY?!

On this occasion I was obviously having a mentally strong day as I tackled it head on with a correction dose and a nice brisk walk to work in the sunshine.  Sure enough, within a couple of hours I was back in range and able to go about my day as usual – Jenni 1, Diabetes 0.

Sometimes I do feel that the only way to gain ‘perfect’ control is to in fact just survive on water and be constantly exercising – obviously no way to live so NOT AN OPTION!  It is hard to move on from something like the above and not let it get you down but talking to someone about it, ranting, writing it down and reminding yourself that diabetes is an unpredictable little scamp are all mechanisms I use to move onwards and upwards.

2 thoughts on “All or nothing

  1. I hate when this happens! I’ve sort of come to accept that these days are part of diabetes and perfection is impossible, which helps to deal with these unexpected ups and downs. As long as you’re being mindful and meticulous about your management, there’s no reason to feel bad about something you couldn’t control. 🙂

    I’m not familiar with your usual ranges or the exact readings, but could it be that you went a bit low around 2-3am and you got a glucagon fix from your body that shot your values up? If I’m not around 7-8mmol/L before bed, I get night hypos very quickly and have crazy values when I wake up.


    1. Thanks Sanne, I do try and do a 3am test to avoid that happening which means that some days I can catch it starting to rise and do a couple of correction units. Hard not to just press snooze on the alarm though! Thanks so much for the comment, always helps to know if happens to others as well xxx

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